Monday, January 19, 2009

week 2 2009 (update done in week 3)

I was in KL as da man-of-the-house ada meeting kat sana. We stayed in my sis-n-law's @ TTDI.
Followed hubby to his two meetings on monday (kite dok luar le). After the first meeting, we went to have lunch @ Amcorp Mall. Lepas makan jamu lah mata kejap, ronda ronda & got stuck at a store selling imported magazines @ RM9.90. Hubby bought Photo mag while I settled on a Quilt mag.
Soon after his 2nd meeting, we went to midvalley & while enjoying cinnamon rolls @ Saint Cinnamon, teringat pulak nak call Pit, my sekolah sains buddy. Thanks Pit for your time - we both have gone thru a scary,testing time ya & alhamdulillah we made it.

Day 2 was spent @ home reading, reading, sleeping, reading.......sampailah petang, gi One Utama pulak....window shopping. Later that night we went to makan kat IBM with Ache, Jani, Imran & Najwa.
Day 3 balik Penang.
Day 4 - breakfast ngan geng (home minister buddies), bawak niece, Suriani sekali - geleng kepala dia tengok kami makan/sembang.
Day 5- waaaa interesting. Suriani treated me to facial & body massage @ beauty spa yg dia sign up. Oleh kesedapan treatment & nyamannya keadaan tempat tu, I somehow signed up for the facial package + beli product sekali, 12 installments @ 0% interest. Hmmm that total up to ribu riban jugak, takut pulak kena sound ngan 'prime minister' nanti...Tak ambiklah package body spa, tambah yang tu nanti hai jadi ribu 'reban' takut Man jadi Hulk pulak.
Anyway, thanks suriani, hope you see a more beautiful me in a near future..heh heh & not forgetting, thanks to da Man- muka slamber je bila beritau dah TERtenyeh (TER menunjukan di sengajakan) credit card.
This week also saw another sad story. My mother's house was again broken into! The other time was 6 months ago.This time they did not manage to take anything, but enough to cause trauma. Now mum is in my house, nursing her God-knows-what feeling.

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