Monday, June 15, 2009

monday blues....


I think my urat rajin very kembang today........(simple translation: today i'm quite hardworking).
Morning, prepared breakfast-cucur badak & cucur kacang (frozen, fry only). 
Almost immediately after I made lasagna since i've plenty of pasta sauce in the fridge. Sorry no the time i remembered, its finished! 
But the cook actually went out to have breakfast with other not-desperate-housewives at the mamak shop nearby. Reason? simple. You're being served there! 

All the housework bla bla bla after that then its time to prepare dinner.
Simple dishes to have with white rice; egg curry, stir-fried vege (chinese called it ong tey chai)
diced tomatoes with onions,cili,lemon juice & thick soy sauce and fried ikan sebelah


  1. pagi2 mck wat kita lapar!
    nak resepi white sos lasagna, boleh?
    klu nak courier lasagna skali pun lg best!

  2. kalaulah boleh ku DHLkan lasagna, akan ku buat.
    nanti makcik bagi resepinya,

  3. Banyaknye lauk tu Kak... bleh tumpang makan nie...:)