Saturday, June 27, 2009

All the best son

We started off early morning to beat the queue....Alif(my eldest) and myself - sending Adil, my second (youngest) son off to college - UiTM. Not far, just across the bridge in Permatang Pauh, Seberang Perai. 
Being one of the early birds, there's practically no waiting N no sweating.
Salute to UiTM for making this registration (very) simple. As we drive thru the main entrance, we were greeted by the orientation committee, given a slip that tells  your hostel block and key to your room plus a file containing forms/instructions.
The only queuing we have to do was at the lift. 'Freshies' and their entourage waited patiently for their turns to go up to their respective rooms. My son's is at level 7 (total 8 floors).
The bed/cupboard/study table were labelled so there's no question of who stays up the bunker.
Comfortably at their study tables, the 'freshies' sat down to fill up forms that were given earlier.
Unpack and they're done! Actually we were done within 30 minutes of entering the main gate but we just stayed on upon request from Adil.
Unfortunately mr troy cannot join as he was away on working trip and only return late evening
Registration proper will only take place on sunday, with no parents in tow and that's cool.
Adil, we miss you but all the best to you. Study hard. 
Mak bapak mula lah pening, tinggal dua orang, adalah Alif sebagai penglipur lara...tapi he's also waiting for entry to uni to further his studies. Meanwhile, he's ever so busy with his photography......(like father like son).
Mak????-----cooking, sewing dreaming....and doing all other '' that you can think of. mak bapak nak keluar pi ronda2 dua orang (pst pst..orang Penang kata merendek- me=penambahan, rendek= #2 (two) in tamil)


  1. All the best to Adil in his new challenging life... :)

  2. Baca cerita pasal famili akak, saya terbayangkan famili saya suatu hari nanti. Anak-nak bujang tanpa anak perempuan. Ramai yang kata pada saya tak ada anak perempuan ni rugi. Well, itu ke yang akak rasa sekarang? Saya rasa, saya pun kena bersedia dengan kehidupan yang akan saya hadapi tak lama lagi...

  3. menyinggah jugak... tinggal rumah berdua pun ok, boleh lansing² :)

  4. blog - TQ, he's happy on saturday masa register but already grumbling yesterday, tak tau apasal, waiting for him to call & tell story...

    ummu - mcm org selalu kata, ada daughter boleh tolong kat rumah...tak tau pasal i have 2 mungkin tak terasa sgt sbb anak pompuan skg pun taklah rajin sgt nak bantu kat dapur nih cuma kita tak boleh nak share those 'girls thingy', lagi pun kita kuat lagi kan, esok2 dah tak larat......yet to be seen..berdoalah kita ada anak2 lelaki yg bertanggungjawab ye ummu

    kucing- tulah dok belajar juga lansing2 ni...

  5. Harap-harap macam tu lah.. insyallah...