Monday, June 1, 2009

The scourge of dengue

My weekend was 'disrupted' by my second son's (youngest) high fever. Saturday morning, took him to the hospital, came back home after prescription, went back again at midnight when temperature remained high.
Warded, and here I am, camping at the hospital eversince.......
Have to put on hold plans to all preparation for his entry to college this month end..there's still time though. 
Having both my sons hospitalized before (the elder one was warded about 6 days late last year), I observed their differences while at hospital.

Son 1 - Quiet, never grumble, never smile, slim&tall(like #1). Obviously he was tensed at that time as it was just 2 weeks away from his semester exams. One of the nurses even told him....... "Alif, pls put some smile to your face!"
Despite this, those nurses remembered him because when I was warded a month later, the nurses tending to me had this to say..."oooo ini bukan mak alif ke..." he he, either they remembered him being the very 'unfriendly' one or me being there 'feeling like home'.

Son 2 - Talkative, ohhh grumbled a lot, smile like 'kerang busuk', chubby&tall (like #0). However he sure was very scared whenever the nurses came to check him. Besides looking (a bit) tense, his blood pressure showed; on few occasions, the procedures have to be repeated until the doctor once asked.. " Adil, who or what is pressuring you? His answer was... "ohhh, the TV programmes....bla..bla..." until doctor asked him to suggest Check Spellingprogrammes that should be included.

Whatever it is, they are the appleS, overgrown babies of both mr abang and me. 

Hmmmm, I called my family KT & the Boyz (myself, hubby, alif & adil).


  1. hope ur son hv a speedy recovery..
    -dah buat oreo cheesecake! yummeh!
    thanks mck!

  2. thx lina, he's getting better tp masih under observation. harap2 sehari dua lagi discharge