Friday, October 30, 2009

one day in your life, you remember a place.....

Event: A medical procedure

Venue: ENT Specialist Center

Actor: troy16

Synopsis: Visit a specialist for a troubled throat. After a throat check at the (same) clinic, taken up for a more detailed nasal endoscopy 

nurse preparing  patient at the procedure room

Eyes closed but not sleeping..he he, feeling cold eh? 
(pst pst...i can hear the dug dag dug dag of the heartbeat) 

observe systolic/diastolic a result of overly fearful 
(cakap melayu lagi best....akibat ketakutan yang melampau)


  1. Uish tu diaaa BP! mencapai awan. heheheh..... so was everything okay about the throat, McKantin?

  2. Mudah-mudahan tak ada apa-apa yang serious... Speedy recovery!

  3. ijan - throat dah okay. BP pun dah kembali asal selepas tu.

    mama - alhamdulillah so far so good.