Sunday, October 11, 2009

Penat la bro....

The Flyer

My eldest organized an event called 'Goggle Fest 2009' held @ Tapak Pesta, Pg.
He had been talking , sourcing info,brain-storming for months & finally organizing this event yesterday.
Family involvement pun; mum/dad-masak, adik-photographer.

The best part(????) is...."Mum, can you help sponsor food for us?"........
"ok u prepare breakfast for 100 pax (me: ??).........
"there's no foodstalls during the event..." (me:??)

Then his friend (epi) came to say he's helping alif sell drinks. I started thinking..."how is he going to prepare at his rented house?"....."ok U come & prepare here......"  and...

"auntie, why don't you make sandwiches....we do cheap ones la to cater for them..mostly youngsters/students whose budget is......"

There goes! Bermulalah episode 'bersilat' kat dapur. 

First:  The preparation for breakfast, mentally prepared, I packed fried beehoon - done!

Then: The sandwiches, simple ones; sardine & egg. Simple but still there's preparation to do.
Troy16 also chipped in to say he'll help fry mee (yellow noodles) pulak. Reason- for added variety. okay, epi you pls go buy container, more roti, sardines, eggs, bla bla bla....(obladi oblada...)

Me with my sandwiches & troy with his fried yellow noodles. teringat juga nak ambil foto masa tengah kalut bak lipas kudung tu, but haven't got much time to waste. epi came to collect soon after we finished packing.....

After 3 rounds of cooking & packing (morning till just before maghrib), we stopped (dah tak ada apa nak masak dah..)

After maghrib, we went to the event site as alif kept messaging asking us to be there......

Furthermore this was his first big project he's putting his hands & legs into..kalu profitable- alhamdulillah, kalu breakeven-tak apa first try- better luck next time....kalu rugi??-tepuk dahi lah & obviously many things to learn-  what else? 

The site: Tapak Pesta, Pg
Event    : Goggle Fest 2009 ( but I do hear people say 'gugle')

Mama & Papa (yg berlagak rock) nipun masuklah ke event site.....given a special tag at the entrance. 
Mak aiiih dengar muzik macam nak luruh jantung! Guess we're too old for that kind of music, tapi yang penting- MORAL SUPPORT

The tag

We stayed a while, saw alif (he looked very tired & drained out, his voice was out too), checked & helped a bit at the food stall, borak2 kat ticket booth & then we're off. Didn't wait for the last band (hilite of the day) to perform.....


  •  Looking at the crowd & feedback, alif succeeded in his first attempt at event organizing.
  • Amazed with their friendship spirit. He had ~ 50 crews, all are his friends. They don't get paid, in fact, they have to pay RM10 for the official t-shirt (which is actually below cost price, also courtesy of his buddy)
  • Still about friendship- friends came from afar to give their moral support. (pst pst, our house jadi port)
  • Keperihatinan  tentang kebersihan masih kurang - rubbish strewn everywhere (though i learnt the crews did spring cleaning after the event).
  • Learning curve for everyone involve towards a better development of oneself, obviously they'll have a post-event brainstorming session.
  • Although tired, I am happy to be doing these bits for my children and his friends, infact looking forward to seeing them again at post-event do, hopefully in my house soon. 

- Thumbs up -





  1. Mujur mum sudi jd sponsor makan2.hehe.. suke kalau tgk org mude2 organize such beneficial things.. keep up the good work!

  2. auntieeeeee
    saya la yg bagi tag supporting kat auntiee


    auntie rawks! klu mak saya tObat xmau p! =P

    p/s: nak kena follow niiii

  3. hahahaha lwk la wawan.. ni adil adik alip. crew gk time tu...

  4. bestnya...makchaq mmg rawks la...nanti nak follow footsteps makchaq la...hehe...

  5. ijan - kadang2 mmg nak kena bagi moral support, better to hv them do something wise than something we don't know....

    wawan - macih laaa....auntie ingat lagi muka wawan insyallah...sesekali kena jadi rawks!

    adil - dah pi baca buku tu!

    diyana - yeah rock steady..he tak kena je..:-)

  6. yay! auntie..
    sy juga sma2 kt booth ticket ritu..

    hebat la auntie ada blog..wawawa..!!