Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Chot Story

susah nak ambil gambar, tak duduk diam

Chot intro:

He weighed 340 grams when we first brought him home....cute but not manja. He had company earlier but his companion, Cheit and Chein died after just two weeks and one week @ hom respectively. We decided not to get him company again & he lives happily ever after......

Visit to vet:

Not a regular visitor; only take him if i notice something not right. 

1st time - few days at home, he had 'dirty' bottom - we changed his food. Since then he will not eat other than that one brand - waaahhhh chot very demanding, tak padan ngan tak boleh cakap! 

2nd time - i saw him jumping suddenly which made me think he felt itchy. True enough, he had 'nits', doc says 'parasite'. He was given injection once weekly for 7 weeks (until thre's no parasite seen under microscope). Sekali jab RM20/-

3rd time - About a month's back. He had so much bulu that it 'clumps' at few parts of the body esp his under. I know he had tail, but i don't see that anymore. I did cut away those on top but dare not touch the bottom as i' was not sure which is what (clumps, flesh or his "tuuuuut") Doctor helped remove the clumps and i requested his help to trim the thick bulu down there. We did that in two days; we stopped when he showed sign of agitation. For that i paid RM70 in total. 

Life at home:

Having him at home is just like having another baby (not as delicate as actual baby care). I bathe him weekly, makes sure he has enough food & water, clean his cage twice daily, comb him, trim his bulu.....

one of his favorite spots - under this marble coffee table;
 cool i think

Well well, since we had him, our home was never the same again. No more tower lamp & water fountain & aquarium...all because he spoilt the cables... 

Di suatu pagi yang hening......lepas subuh, ingat nak turun bawah le.....

OPOCOT!!! pehal si Chot ni tercongok kat pintu bilik? Laaaa, macam mana dia ada kat atas?

It never cross my mind that rabbit can climb stairs..not one, not two but 19 flight of stairs!
As it always has been, we let him out of the cage at night, so he'll be free within the living hall (living hall pun sekangkang kera je).

And almost every night, without fail,  he will see us to the stairs..as if to say good night lah and watched us climb up the stairs....rupa rupanya dok belajar!

We don't have small kids anymore, so we have to make do with whatever is available to prevent him climbing up the stairs!

and this is it! - a 'make-do' pagar

Chot, You want to go to dentist?

I wouldn't mind having him upstairs but i do mind if the treadmill, massage chair and internet cables gone kaput.

Hanya satu solution: Chot boleh naik atas kalau semua giginya di cabut. Any vet-dentist can help me out there?

Chot: then at ~ 340gms

Chot: now at 1.7 kg 


  1. i love chot too :). he's cute and clever.

  2. psstt.. pssttt.. Chot! pi practice 'hurdles' so that u can lompat pagaq tuuu..

  3. whuaaahh!...kena jaga furry baby!!!...kelakau la pulak tangga dgn gate pasang siap...kalah ade toddlers hehehe

  4. dyana

    love is one thing, nak jaga is another.

    i think he's practising it, dia selalu dok bediri tepi stool tu..nak ukoq tinggi mana kot...ingat sikit hari lagi lepaih tu.

    no choice, tu pun dia dok stand up kat situ, konon nak check kot sampai ke tidak..he he he

  5. last night, makcik came into the room and exclaimed that chot 'hilang'. i was shocked in the manner that my 'son' has escaped his perimeter. Luckily my shock was shortlived when makcik explained it was something else....never hear dwhat she explained as i realised chot is safe n sound. heh heh i now realised that chot is really a significant family member

  6. betoi tu encik troy...cuma takleh bawak jalan2 je..