Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Morning.....

Had your breakfast?

Jom breakfast sama sama....

French Toast with a twist

2 pcs of bread
1 egg; lightly beaten, add a bit of evaporated milk, salt & pepper
2 slices of tomatoes
1 slice cheese

  • Heat butter in a pan (slow fire)
  • Coat bread in egg mixture
  • Place both in pan and let brown on one side.
  • Once browned, turn one of the bread (still in pan )
  • Place sliced cheese and arrange sliced tomatoes on top of it. Do it quickly pls, otherwise the other bread's bottom turned black
  • Take the other piece of bread
  • Place on top of the stacked bread,cheese, tomatoes, browned side facing tomatoes.
  • Turn the whole lot over to brown the other side. (You may need another turner at this point to hold the stack together)
  • Lift from pan and into serving plate, cut diagonal
  • Enjoy your french toast with baked beans.

Tercekik???? Errrr... silalah buat kopi sendiri

- Mck-