Monday, March 16, 2009

Anak oh anak

Minggu lepas makcik kat KL, teman hubby yg ada kerja......
Sorry McK kena cakap orang putih sbb setengah member tak faham bahasa melayu& yang pasti ramai kawan makcik yg pandai bahasa inggeris...

Arrived KL on thursday evening and hubby met me @ Sunway Pyramid (bus stops there). Night at Armada Hotel....just about to sleep, Alif called to say that Adil met with an accident! My oh my, luckily he was not hurt, but the front of my car was damaged.
The next morning, Wan with his appointment & I busy calling Penang; alif, adil, mechanics, friends, the guy my son banged into.......settled!

Alif, our eldest had a minor accident within a month of passing his driving test. He knocked or rather 'brushed' a stationary car while coming out of a parking lot in gurney plaza, where he worked part time in 2003. The side of my car got he owns that car.

Now 2009..Adil knocked the back of another car (also within a month of passing driving test) and damaged the front of "the eventually his" car.

One experience each and two lessons to learn from each other...many more from others.

Checked out Armada & check in Impiana KLCC...
Dinner @ The Appartments with Dr Lee & Dr Schuele.
14 mar-AM: Went to Genting Highland on a ~ 50 mins busride from One Utama(OU). A 10 mins wait and we're in the Skyway (cable). The Skyway trip covers 3.4 km of the tropical forest and we reached the top in 15 minutes.
It was the start of a one week school holidays and the crowd started to build up in the afternoon.
We walked around the place, indoor/outdoor theme parks, had snacks and came down at 3pm, just in time as it started to rain. Lunch @ OU.
PM: went to Rasta, TTDI for dinner & met up with Ache, Jani, Naje, Lok, Nurul & kids. We joined in the fun of watching footbal match (liverpool vs man U) via big screen. The thunderous applause after the match proved that the place was (at least) full of liverpool fans.
Took 4 pm bus back to penang on sunday...


  1. assalammualaikum..
    salam singgah,

    picture header tu cantik & meaningfull lah, suka sgt!

    resepi pun best, insyaallah nk try pie tu esok :)


  2. assalamualaikum,
    hai makcik, boleh tak kawan ngan makcik? nice to meet u makcik.

  3. salam lina, kat header tulah nyawa makcik. resepi makcik simple2 je, ala ala nakcepat gitu, happy trying n salam perkenalan

    ummu, awat tak boleh kawan pulak, bukan kena bayaq kan kaaaa...salam perkenalan & thnks for dropping by

  4. Waduh Makcik, next time your third child dah dapat lesen, hopefully janganlah perkara yang sama terjadi kan... dah macam ikut trend adik beradik ler plak nantinya...

  5. salam mama
    takdak 3rd dah aih...dah expire (he he). makcik ada 2 anak saja.....