Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eventful weekend

Saturday....21 March
Our younger generation (nieces/nephews/sons) tried their capabilities at organizing a family day.
They had discussions, sent out invitation letters......their Bukit Hijau proposal did not materialised, instead they all turned up at my house during the weekend to gather.
We had BBQ on saturday night, gambar lain tak ada lagi..yang ni saje, kelabu pulak tu!
Jelly ni pun dah tinggal separuh baru teringat nak share dgn bloggers lain, sedap tau, nanti makcik share resepi okay 

The following day, Sunday- a sunny day; we tapau'ed'  the previous night leftovers and headed to the beach - Sg Batu, 
Both mums (mak/mak mentua) sat cosily on the foldable lazychair and the rest were on the normal picnicker's mat. Some watched and some had plenty of fun in the water.

Few of us were already wet when pak uda pulled (or rather pushed) kak pijah into the water. 
20 minutes later...."alamak! phone kak pijah dalam poket le..." aiiyaaaa..."tak pa satgi pak uda ganti lain" said pak uda (hubby). A few others 'offered' to dip in with their phones! 

And this cucu saudara , Sarah was having her great day in water.

Everyone was having fun until kak pijah got a cramp in the leg. She's had that earlier in the week as a result of a track event she participated at the campus' sports day. Took her to the clinic and that ended our picnic....got home lepak lepak lah pulak until late evening when one by one started leaving. We replaced kak pijah's damaged hp that evening (hmmm expensive outing hah)- dan cramp dia pun pulih lah perlahan lahan......

Note: There are eight of us in my family  and of these, only five made it to the gathering, altogether there were ~20 people. Hopefully, next time round, the others can make it.


  1. wah! best ye piknik2 cam gini, ngan whole families lagi..
    ps- nk fruit cake tu!!!
    pss- boleh x share recipe mcmmn mckantin marinate utk bbq... thanks

  2. Dearest lina,
    that's pretty quick! makcik assume fruitcake is the one with taik lalat kan...itu yoghurt cake with blackcurrants. nanti makcik kasi resepi.
    simple marinade; lada hitam, garam, kicap pekat & bbq sauce (makcik guna heinz punya)