Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alaaahai Chot-after 4 months

I should also update about this 'extended' family member of mine....yes! Chot. Ciannn die.
When I first took him home, he looked timid and kept close to his mate (all of them died since) and he weighed 340gm.

Now, 4 months later, he has grown into (quite) a handsome fella, weighing about 1.4kg (1400gm!)very hairy and very confident.

Chot after 4 months, this guy really cannot sit still......

My son said that Chot had cast a spell so he'll be alone and pampered (probable reason why his mates died).
But, look at what he's done! ..

Tower lamp...became his snacks..
delicious maybe (wires also got gnawed away!)

pasu yang ada lampu kat dalam ni pun jadi mangsa....wire dah putus

Water fountain-idle as the power cable is low...he might just...get cooked.
(pity that tortoise )

What to do? You scold him, he just look at eh eh slamber derkkk je dia sambil dok tawaf pulak kita, kesian pulak.

Chot and his 'slumber derkkkk face


  1. gebunya bulu... sampai susah nak kenal mana hidung mana mulut, kalau peluk ni mesti sedap. but i'll get overboard and picit-picit geram! :)

  2. sama species dgn yg oren lah ni...tapi he's not as manja. tak berapa nak boleh cuddle macam kucing, he he, but his bulu is very panjang.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hello MakcikKantin, The above 'comment deleted' was mine. Silap spelling, ha ha.

    Love this posting. And that 'Chot'....saya suka nama tu, ha ha...really cute.
    What kind of rabbit is Chot?
    I don't think Canadian rabbit, ha ha.

    I am surprised you let Chot run loose around your house?
    I had a pair of rabbits long ago, and they like Arithmetic. 1 + 1 = 2. Then 6, then 12!!
    And suddenly all my neighbours kids had rabbits...
    I gave them away, only kept too.

    You keep well MacikKantin, have a beautiful Sunday, give Chot a carrot for me, ha ha, Lee.

  5. uncle lee, not wanting them to learn math is main reason why i only have ONE! Senang cakap, i tak mau jadi granny..heh heh.

    shouldn't let him loose actually, but pity him if confined to only the cage, to give away- sayang pulak (don't think i'll ever do that!).....just hope he'll not cause more destruction (-woish destruction, macamlah rabbit tu dinosaur ye)

    Hv good day uncle.

  6. Hello again! Sorry about your lamp;) I had just one way of stopping the destruction. Since you can't teach the rabbit to behave you can only change your place, make it rabbit-proof. No cables in the open, nothing chew-able on the floor or within of reach of a jump etc. Goood luck!