Friday, October 9, 2009

Have you been this lucky before?

banyak sebenarnya nak dicerita..tapi entahlah, otak seakan beku, jari jemariku bagai kaku....(eh eh boleh tulis cerpen ni)...

anyway, i just want to tell about gifts I received. To me gift=something (no matter what) you received when you least expected it.

Gift Story 1: during month of Ramadhan

L1  : this looks good...but there's only one & there's two of us(nanti berebut kan)
L2  : u can hv it, I have one at home....... seldom use....
L1  : (think, think, think) ok i take it!

 item (very cheap)  went into shopping cart, more shopping after that...and we arrived at payment counter..

L2: tell u what, i'll pay for the item, it's raya gift from me lah...
L1 : U sure?.....(bla bla bla)...ok then, tq in advance.

payment made, not bothered to see the price as we had with us loads of groceries..

L1          : dik how much is this one?
Cashier : (check, check, check)...68 sen kak.

L1 & L2: look at each other, keep laughter in the stomach...ooooo its about to burst!

L1 & L2: ha ha ha (on way to parking lot), the cost can't even cover the wooden piece....infact it was cheaper than the price indicated.

What is it???? 


a banana 'tree'

Gift Story 2: week 1 of syawal

nana: what's new? just asking, we all have one each oredy(=already).
cashier: nemind one (=never mind), look look first no probrem (= no prob)

more conversation transpired between the two........

nana: let me see your &^%$.
aci    : (giving item while continue to browse mags just purchased)

nana & cashier: bla bla can ...ok...bla...ok...better keeplah.....

nana: ok, i'll come back in half an hour....
aci    : u sure wanna buy that?
nana : yes, i've bought @#$& this, i've given %^&* that but nothing for u
aci     : (kembang jugak semangkuk atas ingatan tu...) but i've already have *^%$&^ the other day.
nana : tak pa...sayang bini....

what is it this time???

he he he...

Gift Story 3: week 3.3 of syawal

Was helping a friend find stuffs for her son's engagement. While choosing for her, I can't help but found something for myself....

me: ok yang ni & yang ni, you buat macam ni.....bla bla bla (you know when che kiah started talking) the counter.....

Mrs H: ini bil sekali yang itu.....
me: (oh dia dah kaotim sekali rupanya....), terima kasih...

what is it 'datuk harimau'

vase just as big as a mug (or the big cup @ coffee bean)

Gift Story 4: week 3.4 of syawal

Was invited to a tahlil of a friend of a friend of a friend (this was the first time i met her) 
Home cooked food was  good, the host was hospitable.......and just before we left......

what , what, what??

OMG! Dah very lama tak dapat duit raya! 

That's about it lah.
ada lagi story nak update, ada lagi bag nak tunjuk...nanti nanti lah ye...

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