Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jemput, jemput, sila lah

Today (ops its already 12 sumthing)- i mean saturday was a busy day.  Invited our Terengganu 'clan' over for dinner. they were here since thursday.

Busy preparing that I forgot to take photos of the food:- roast lamb, nasi arab, green salad, potato salad, baked pasta...fruits. halfway thru eating fruits (strawberry/grapes) hubby said, why not kita buat fondue?

Hmmmm, terus pi dapur and buat lah. They all, especially the nieces/nephews loved it & started talking about datuk CT being given the chocolate coated strawberry by datuk K & bla bla.

it was fun watching them eat & joke....all i had of them was that moment up there. 


  1. amvoi mckantin,

    meriahnya dengan nasi arab dan roast lamb dan baked pasta. berbagai-bagai ye.

    kopok leko takde ke? :)

  2. he he tau tau jer makcik nak sorok. Org Ganu bawak kan kite kopok lekor, tapi kite bior melengkor kat dlm frizer dulu..