Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jom sewing....

The long awaited project. A niece asked to make a baby blanket for her unborn (at the time) baby. Having no experience at doing this, I browsed thru the internet & found one pattern that I liked. Thru discussion/consultation with the guru, below is the final product.

a multi-coloured baby blanket

and a diaper bag

and ooopps, the baby girl was born on 21st oct...


  1. Ala cantiknya. McKantin belajar kat mana sewing ni?

  2. mama, makcik blajar kat one of the hobbyist juga, tapi dia ni kira advanced dah...near my place. kalu mai pg, makcik bawak mama jumpa dia

  3. ooohhh...i like the diaper bag...cantik!!!...hehe...fariq tanya "kalau nak beli brapa hengget ni"...hehe...

    opsss...silap2...fariq bukan tanya psl diaper bag...tp dia tanya psl bag camera pakchaq tu...ahahah...

  4. he he he bag camera tu...alip tolong jawab...dia kata rm500.

  5. Hi Makcikkantin, wa, you very talented....good photographer, and can sew baby blanket.
    Okay, when I decide to trade in wife for new model dapat anak will send you telegram sew one for me, ha ha.
    Just kidding.
    Very nice cute blanket tu.
    Have fun, Lee.

  6. so comel la both baby and the baby blanket.. ops, not to forget, the diapers bag. nanti i beranak kt mesia i order sama yuu eh.heheh :)

  7. hi uncle lee - haiyya mau upgrade wife ke? nanti i make sure she reads yr comment. he he sure, if you get new baby, i'll give you one baby blanket.

    ijan - bole bole, kita boleh kaotim!