Thursday, October 15, 2009

One step to another phase of life.......

Selamat bertunang Nizam.....a step into marriage life.

This week was full of activities......monday= mom's hospital appointment, tuesday= my appointment, wednesday, i have to finish with stuff for a friend's son engagement. Went shopping last week but I only have time to do yesterday.....and alhamdulillah i managed to complete and ready for her collection today.

For the engagement ring

For the fruits

For cakes/chocolates & such

Baju, kain & tudung, all packed in one..



  1. mckantin, i love those see through topped boxes... lepas majlis boleh guna lagi utk simpan barang, kan

  2. yes, kotak tu kawan punya, dah 3x dia recycle, makcik dok tolong tukar gubahan luar tu je...

  3. Suke la kaler coklat krim macam tue.... cantik McKantin gubah. Kite tangan kayu cikit.. gubah2 ni hancuss.heheh :)

  4. dulu tangan mck pun kayu gak..(bayangkan, ambik engineering you-brutal gilerrr), tapi lama lama jadi lembutlah sket dari besi..