Monday, October 19, 2009

sewing project - a camera bag

To Troy16 with love

The Camera Bag

Started on this one more than a month ago....juggle in between house chores. This project was based on a Lowepro Stealth camera bag that troy16 had.
Measures about 12"x 8"x 9"(L x W x H)

the top zipper

the back

the sides (pocket & D-ring for the handle)

the front (there's another zipper underneath the cover with troy16 lable)

zipper underneath the cover, inside of bag(center) and the side D-ring

The Bag

With some guidance from the guru, all i did was measure the original bag, and start cutting the material.
It was along the way into making it that i realized, i should have done this, should have done that.

Note: i wanted The Bag to be blue, so i thought, blue should be the body. I added color by putting red for the pockets and the top cover(so as not to make it look monotonous) , BUT when it was done, see what happens?? the red seems to dominate. How wrong i was there!

After all the sweat (luckily no tears!), I managed to complete & would say I'm proud of it.

I wish i can share the tutorials with enthusiasts out there, but unfortunately, I was also learning (& also making mistakes) while doing it, that I don't even think of taking photos during the process. However, we can share/exchange knowledge/information thru emails.


  1. Hello Makcikkantin, you sure one lover of cameras. And that bag is beautiful. Very nice.

    I keep my 2 old cameras in an old cooler bag, this inview of our weather.

    My Nikon SLR F601 with accessory flash and 35mm-135mm lens is 12 years old. Tripod too.
    For backup saya ada a very old Yashica Electro 35 with 50mm is 35 years old.
    Yes, you read that right, ha ha. 35 years old!
    Still takes very good pics.

    My hobby is portrait photography, I make women look beautiful and ahemmmm, sexy with my 2 jurassic film cameras.

    Makcik, saya suka your sense of humour.
    You buat saya ketawa at my pondok with your comment, ha ha.
    Love women like you.
    Makcik kalu senang, datang ke pondok saya...would love to read what you have to say this baru keluar oven.
    You have a nice day, Makcik, Lee.

  2. Simply fabulous! sangat cantik. Kagum ngan McKantin :)

  3. mck ni betul multi-talented arrrr.... semua boleh buat; name it: masak, menjahit, gubah2... uncle roy mesti happy with his new camera bag ni kan!

  4. diyana - macih, hoish berpeluh tau nak habihkan, tebal pulak tu.

    uncle lee - me not so into camera, selalu snap guna my hp saja, but my other half and anak2 semua ada nikon dslr. i sure will visit yr pondok one..even if i have to crawl to get there..he he

    ijan - tu susah bila semua teringin nak try, but worth it walau berpeluh, makcik proud of this one.

    lina - uncle troy dah senyum sampai telinga dapat bag tu, tu pun dok sibuk juga..asal mck kat mesin je tanya..."ha buat apa pulak tu?"

  5. Salam singgah. Very creative and beautiful piece of craft there.

  6. huuih.. byknya projek mck. Lepaih ni buat apa pulak?

  7. Dr Sam- thanks for visiting, still learning though

    afis - masa ni siap dua actually, nanti2 baru masuk blog yg lagi satu...lpas ni...bag bag bag

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  9. salam,
    jumpa ur blog while bloghopping..
    nice bag..
    i wish i can have one..
    kalau nak tempah boleh ke???


  10. salam kenal CATZ - thanks for dropping by...yes, nak tempah boleh, insyallah, usually BTO (built to order)

  11. how I wish if I could sew one for Fariq. tapiiiiii...sewing=diyana is a big "NO-NO'...ahahaha...time skolah dulu pun maktok yg tlg habiskan my assignment for kelas jahitan...ahahaha...

  12. benda ni bukan datang tiba2, it takes time...slow& steady. mana tau in few yrs to come, tetiba hobi tu mai....

  13. harini mck jahit jari sendiri... makan puan! satgo dia post lah tu

  14. makcik!!!! awat boh gambq beg tu banyak2??? guna ja la pix2 yg TROY16 'ambik' tu.....susah2 ja hire photographer terer amik product shot,tup tap tup tap p guna image HP dia plak..huu... :(

  15. mr troy - mana boleh cerita pasai sudah TERjahit tangan, tak rock la...

    ni sapa tak tau, tapi ingat anak makcik yg besaq tu kot...helo, gambaq tepi & belakang saja guna hp, yg len hire photographer medieval_axer