Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There must be times when somebody come to tell you that this particular supplement works wonders and that to you the price is 'up to the ceiling'.

We do need certain supplement to complement what is lacking in our body but then again, everyone has different requirement.

datuk nenek kita dulu pun mesti ada penyakit macam kita kan? But they found remedy in what was around them.

Jadi hari ni makcik pun nak share something more natural that we can do to maintain certain 'chemical' imbalance in our body.

Moga dapat membantu, wallahualam

Source: a friend got it from her reflexologist, another friend had an uncle taking this (it works for him) and a couple i know has been taking this everyday for few years.

Me? I just started.

1 cup ginger, chopped
1 cup garlic, chopped
1 cup lime juice ( i used lemon in my first potion)

1 cup honey (i used manuka)

Blend ginger and garlic until fine(*). Pour in a clean pot
Add apple cider and lime juice.
Cook until it boils, stirring all the time.
Then simmer for about 1 hour or so until the mixture thicken - paste-like.
Turn off fire and let it cool down.
Add honey, mix well and transfer to clean, air tight container.

Consume abt 1 teaspoon everyday.

Cooked, it looks like puree

Note: alternatively, you can also make this into a marinade(lamb), adding paprika, salt, pepper etc, or even make salad dressing, by mixing it with little water/olive oil to dilute.


  1. sedap dak makchak? ni untuk sakit apa? ke act as supplement?

  2. Hello Makcik, Wow! Da minum ni, boleh lari marathon, naik turun Batu Caves empat kali no sweat, ha ha.
    It is good, ginger and garlic has those essentials for a healthy life.

    My wife and I just drink Chinese green tea several cups a day as well been taking Bee Pollen tablets past 35 years.
    It helps gives vitality as well slows down aging. It works as she still get much younger men wanting to date her, ha ha....only thing is, I'm taller, bigger than them, arhaaaa ha ha.

    Makcik, your sambal tumis udang petai is being displayed at my pondok cherita baru, about 'sex;' .
    Already making one or two dying to eat it.
    You have a nice day, Stay young.

  3. Dyana,
    Not to say very sedap but not bad.....tangy, sweet with a toned down garlic ginger flavour

  4. Bujal,
    Berapa lama tahan?
    1. Kalau dlm peti ais, long tima tahan, tak cuba letak luar pulak
    2. One cup resepi tu tahan lama depending on berapa kerap you makan. I makan 2 org, kadang miss jadi not everyday, guna utk marinate kambing n masih ada, lebih sebulan

  5. Ain,
    Boleh cuba, natural n jgn berlebihan insyallah tak mudarat

  6. Hi uncle lee,

    My problem is i don't take supplement/ medication religously unless i m really sick.

    Green tea juga bagus, i do take them once a while.

    Ok i will "visit" my sambal udang wherever it is, TQ

  7. Ingredients tu nampak promising. cumanya bab ginger yang secawan tu, aihhh... saya ni alergik ginger in big amount, berangin lah makcik. hehehehe.. karang gaduh dengan 'roomate' plak.. hahahha :D

  8. Hehe ijan,
    I think ginger serves to drive away those unwanted "hangen", alaaaa tutup la idung roomate tu satttt