Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simply Simple

I bumped into this recipe while BW.

Thank you Ain . Please refer here to see how Ain did hers and ain got it from ryo.
Ryo named this pesona cheesecake

I just make slight changes to suit what i have in the kitchen & kasi nama lain;

The recipe: Biscuit Layer Cheesecake

Source : Ain
Originator: Ryo

400 gm marie biscuit, coffee flavour (any other biscuit is fine, i think)
500 gm cream cheese
250 ml whipped cream (#)
about 100 ml milk
1/2 cup icing sugar
1Tbsp gelatin (melt in abt 2 Tbsp water)- How to melt
1 Tbsp Lemon juice

- Cream sugar with cream cheese until smooth.
- Add whip cream
- pour lemon juice
- Add gelatine and mix well
- Line baking pan with plastic wrap
- Just dip biscuit in milk (not soak) & arrange in pan.
- Scoop cream cheese mixture and spreadjust to cover the biscuit.
- Repeat process until finish/ your desired thickness.
- Sprinkle crushed biscuits on top and chill for abt 6 hrs.

I used non-diary whip cream, sold in packet of 1 liter, whipped all of it, scooped into abt 5 containers (~200 ml each) and freeze until time to use.
To use, just remove from freezer and chill it few hours before use
This cream is slightly sweetened.

- McK -


  1. haipppp! ni buat bila?
    tak bawak mai pun?

  2. dyana,

    add lemon juice, the 'lemakness muak' akan kurang.
    tapi kalau biskut ada lagi strong flavour lagi best

  3. dolly,

    hajat nak bawak td tp tengok tinggai besaq 2 jari...tak gamak pulak.

  4. Hello Makcik, ini kalau bachelor dapat satu spoon masuk mulut, habis cherita.....hilang tu Bachelor's degree, ha ha.
    Makan satu piece da tentu nak dua....
    Your very creative photography really enhances the cake.
    Makcik, you are simply outstanding!
    Have a nice day.

  5. Ryo,

    okay tak? chef punya pasal, bukan sepiring, setalam pun boleh..TQ :))

  6. Hello Uncle Lee.

    You belum beku ke dekat itu Canada? haha TQ, unfortunately cuma sorang saja yg hilang bachelor's degree because of me..but i got my masters anyway eventhough he doesn't like cheesecake!

    have a nice day

  7. mmg sedap kannnn... i pulak hantu cheese. Makan ditemani kopi panas sangat la terbuai :)

    nak buat pun senang sangat