Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Smooth sailing........

Life for them.

Makan kita bagi, berak kita cuci.....

Geram jugak kadang kadang tengok. Siang depa buat taik mata.

Initially i thought they were depressed so i took them up to my room just to monitor...

Bila tiba malam.....mak aih punya sembang sampai kita pulak tak boleh lelap!

Dulu ada letak 'terowong' buluh ni, but they peed inside sampai berbau and since the smell seeped into the bamboo, their body pun started to smell.

Jadi i removed the buluh and replaced with a small bakul......

Popi & Tito

I also introduced this yoghurt drops to them. They seem to like it. I put 2 pcs (one each) in a container but the more prominent one (i don't know which one) will take both and not let the other one have it.

It is recommended that they consume a max of two drops per day,

I have no choice but to give them one each, personally...mengada kan?

Nah ambik sorang satu, jangan gaduh!
Popi & Tito enjoying yoghurt drop
(sorry blurred image..taken in the dark with my iPhone)


  1. dgn Iphone pun dah clear dah tu kak, amboiiii bukan main lagi depa noooo..nak bersuap sorang satu...manja lebih noooo hehehehee

  2. sugar glide pun busuk ke? saya bela ikan, senang..hehehehe

  3. Betu Zu, tiba tiba je jd manja.... Dah immune ngan bau badan makcik kot, hari hari bg makan

  4. Doc, bukan busuk, tp bila dok bergelumang/rubbing w urine tu, 'kehacengan ' dia ada juga, i spray bathe them every other day