Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Larder3 story

Khas buat insan yang bertanya.......
In less than 250 words, make a short story about something you've 'shown-off' earlier

Mc and Pc live in a faraway land where pearl is in abundant.
One day while shop-walking, Mc & Pc bumped upon this sweet little thing, seated among other sweet things, big and small.
Couldn't take their eyes from it, they decided to enquire from the caretaker. After some negotiation, they managed to adopt the sweet little thing. Not wanting it to feel out of place at the new home, the couple decided to also adopt two others, Display and Cosy.

Ms Display

At home, Pc said they have to be separated in order not to have them 'ganged-up' and mess everything. They decided to place Display together with 8 year old Mr Barr

Mr Barr

Mc felt she wanted this little thing to be near her & the best place would be the kitchen. She named him Larder 3.

Larder 3 proved to be very strong (and heavy too). Mc fed him with everything she can think of; chocolate, noodles, milk, sugar, canned stuff until there are times he cannot take it anymore.

Larder3 exposed

As obedient as he is, Larder 3 obliged to any given task. At times, with open arms, he would sacrifice to hold dishes Mc prepared for guests.

Larder3 covered

One day Mc decided to take Larder 3 for a walk and he received few stares. The Cat and The Gobok openly declared they have fallen in love with it and would like to know more about him.

Mc agreed to expose Larder 3 as she is very sure even Google Police are not able to trace the whereabout of Larder 3, let alone the GPS!

My shy Larder3

Mission accomplished! he he he


  1. aiyo, best la boleh bukak-tutup macam tu... tq makcik, layankan kami, hehe :)

  2. mmg convenient, tapi cam biasala...selagi ada space selagi tu lah dok perosok barang2 sampai kadang2 cari tak jumpa

  3. hehhe..sumbat jer mck.still can muat tu..hheh...really i suka larder 3 mck...

  4. suke 3x... kita sgt suka, jatuh chinta dgn larder 3 ni makcik oiii...
    where can I find 1?