Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seri Muka Bunga Telang

Dried Bunga Telang

Seri Muka Bunga Telang

I bought this dried flowers about a year ago out of curiosity and it has been in my freezer since.

During my working stint years ago, it was a norm to have meeting over breakfast or lunch or tea.....
We used to be served, among others, this blue-patched steam glutinous rice, nicely cut into squares, with coconut jam (kaya/serikaya) pumped on top. I used to wonder how it was made... yes i just wonder..... no time to think beyond that.

Years after that.......
I saw and asked, this 'ah pek' said..."ooo itu taruk sama pulut......rendam...bal..bla." Bought the flowers....back home, no pulut so the flowers went into hibernation.......

One year later.....
last week i bought glutinous rice but not sure how to do it. I soaked the glutinous rice separately, only about half a cup soaked with the flowers....and i steam them separate as well.....

-Nak story dalam bahasa malaysia pulak-

Ni makcik punya version, tak pasti kebiasaan orang buat macam mana ye. Malas nak buat sekaya, makcik serikan je muka dia.....

500 gm beras pulut;
1/2 cawan pulut rendam bersama bunga telang, lebihnya rendam dlm air biasa.

makcik letakkan bunga telang tu dalam 'teabag'.

Kukus berasingan (steam separately)

Satukan dan tekan (mix & press firmly)

Kukus lagi 5 minit, letak bahan atas & kukus lagi lebih kurang 20 minit.

Dah potong, isikan dalam bekas,
berilah pada jiran suruh dia org komen

P/s: Let's see if i succeeded in canceling ONLY the required words, i hope i got it right this time


  1. makcik, potpourri buat lagu ni tak boleh kan? hehehe.

  2. sedapnya. it's among mr halim khoo's favourite kuih.

  3. KOG,
    Potpourri bunga telang? Boleh je, letaklah pefeum tp jangan rendam pulut lah...

    Yes, mmg this blue-patched pulut synonym dgn khoo, lim,ong etc...clan, tp they selalu makan dgn sekaya

  4. Salma Mckantin, The colour blue is just as beautiful as the flower! Now I know simply rendam je bunga telang ni rupanya. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Ya fasha,

    bila rendam few hours, pulut pun jadi biru, just like rendam pulut with kunyit utk pulut kuning.