Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jalan jalan - Melaka

Good morning melaka.....
Arrived saturday, we went to Jonker St to have a quick lunch. We had asam laksa & the famous cendol at one of the eateries.

.......... and checked into a hotel along Jalan Syed Aziz, with Mahkota Parade just within walking distance.

Dinner was seafood at Quayside Cafe, the food was good. We were entertained with songs of the 70's and 80's by a live band from the Melaka Municipal Council.

Immediately after, we went on a 45 minutes river cruise at RM10/ person. Sorry, my pictures were blurred, so I c&p from and that I found in the net, thank you.

After breakfast the next day, we drove to Masjid Tanah to visit Pak Andak who lives in a typical Melaka-style house. He was alone as his wife was away on a 3-day holiday trip to Langkawi.

While there, we browsed an old album and found a few yester years photos of MIL during her bloom years.

........stopped by roadside stalls selling local goodies

Came back to hotel, had lunch and all four of us slept all afternoon....(funtastic four huh??)
Manage to shoot, Masjid Selat Melaka 
Had dinner at a stall along the road in Klebang. The food??? let's just say that we've chosen the wrong stall to sample local food.....
27th april- checked out, along the way stopped at the crocodile farm.

Pictured below is Jonny, the real buaya that has been 'preserved'
....and the caption

So long melaka, we definitely have many more places of interest to visit the next time round.


  1. tok mah sexy now crappy.. haha
    jom pi melaka lagi makan otak2.. haha