Friday, April 17, 2009

selingan hari jumaat

I'm getting ready to go to my sewing class....
I'm grateful to have blogger buddies who, looking at their beautiful blogs inspire me to be a blogger myself and i'm still learning.
The first comment I got from a blogger, Nicole made me decide that my blog will be written in english (campur campurlah); most people can understand english but not all can read bahasa malaysia.
Ummi(home sweet home) was the first one who got me UP when she accidentally visited my 'house', thanks ummi. Since then, I have never stopped, with mr abang encouraging me to make this blog a diary (though he teases that i'm always at the computer, calling me makcik blogger). Other bloggers; mamaFaMi, linahilmin, ummuhanis.....(just to name a few), who sometimes posted comments & others who quietly drop by and also non-blogger friends who read this blog. Thank you friends.
Eh eh melalut pulak, feeling habih makcik no....
As promised, dah balik dari class, here is my other project...from the remnants of my cenille bag...
Multi purpose pouch i would call it...measures about 20cm x 18cm, mau ke makcik buatkan...he he he....

The above is the patchwork, before shaping....

This is the finished product, camera lighting caused the different tones.
And as i also promised in my posting on 15th april, I want to share with you my cikgu beautiful quilt hut as seen from outside and inside. Currently, cikgu, with the help of her other students yang dah expert is busy doing projects for sales; bags, purses dan sebagainya....and part of the proceed goes to charity, alhamdulillah.


  1. Eee bestnya Makcik gi belajar menjahit all these crafts thingy. Ma memang suka benda-benda ni semua. Nak buat sendiri tu je yang koreng kesabaran! Hahaha...

  2. Salam ziarah,
    Nice cute little hut. Have heard about this from Mus.
    How creative you and your bunch of friends. Hope one fine day I could meet this cikgu of yours.

  3. mama,
    yes, memang syok, cuma kekadang tu sabarnye kureng sikit.

    yes, u shud meet her & welcome