Saturday, April 25, 2009

something anything

Have you ever been in a situation where you cannot contact someone, just because your call or message did not get thru....who to blame? The phone? service provider? or the weather? It happened to me the past two weeks. When we finally met, she decided to change her handphone. He he he, ingatkan pasal tak dapat contact kite je, rupa rupanya dia tukar handphone sebab husband dia dok sound tak dapat contact dia. Anyway, sis, I googled as you say and here it is....(ada betoi ka?).

At the same time, on friday, went to a neighbour's house to see her daughter & friends preparing goodies for their school's carnival. Just chip in to 'ice' a few cup cakes and here they are....syok pula...nanti nanti makcik nak cuba buat lagi lah.

Sambil sambil tu makcik dok packing nak ke Melaka minggu ni....jumpa lagi....

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