Wednesday, June 10, 2009

choty chety

Lagi lagi pasal dia orang niii..... (tapi tak boring laaa)

After 3 days at home.......Chot (nickname for Mansor) who seemed 'shy' earlier began to show his colours. He started to be more active, 'walking' the perimeter of the living area, and on one occasion even left his trademark ( i don't really like this!).
Chet (manja for Rashid, rather pronounced as 'Chate'{chade} looked more quiet and 'manja' this time, coming to sniff and gnaw my hands. His favourite place is under the chair whereas Chot likes to be behind the curtains.
Note: chosen names has no connection with those dead or alive, just merely to give them a kampung name, if ever, they're just coincidence-no hard feelings).

I weighed them last night...Chot weighed 400 gm and Chet (who looked bigger) was only 340 gm.
The food: Apart from the pellets, we also feed them cabbage, as was told by the sales guy. Jangan start mintak pizza dah le...
They eat & drink a lot so they 'passed' out plenty too, so i try to limit their food; pellets by day and cabbage by night, otherwise, they'll be chewing all day long.

Having them at home means more work for me......have to always clean/mop the house.....(part yg kurang best nih)

While cleaning their cage every morning, I let them wonder around the patio, as seen here in the picture..


  1. Ololololo tomeinya the new members of the family! Nama pun cute... chot N chet.. hihii...

  2. tambah member, tambah le keje....tapi syok...

  3. salam kenal..minat rabbit more to cat person..nanti singgah la blog sy ye..cumei ah rabbit..but i'm allergic to rabbit's fur! :)

  4. salam lina, wah doktor nate rupenye. N minat photography lagi..boleh mintak nasihat nanti....bukan minat sgt, tp dah cuba sayang lah pulak.