Saturday, June 20, 2009

Steaming method local delicacy

Have been quite busy last week that I don't really have time to complete this posting. I made several types of food last week like nasi tomato+dishes, fish curry etc. However due to my poor quality photography (that's what mr abang says-lazy, i always use my hp rather than the slr), I cannot share the picture with you all-next time.

This time, let us just share this simple steaming method - mini sponge cake.

Steamed Mini sponge cake 

A: 150 gm sugar
     200 ml water
     200 gm butter

Fry sugar under medium fire, stirring all the time until it turns brown/caramelized(slightly burnt).
Turn fire to slowest, pour water slowly into the sugar (be careful) and let it boil slowly until all the 'lumps' are dissloved. 
Stir in butter and let it cool down a bit.

B: 300 gm flour
     150 gm sugar
     2 tsp soda bicabonate
     2 eggs
     1 tin evaporated milk

- Beat sugar & eggs until well mixed & sugar dissolved
- Add in evaporated milk, mix well
- Fold in flour that has been sifted w soda bicab
- Pour A into the mixture and mix well.
- Put in container of you choice and steam  accordingly. I used the small one and takes about 10-15 minutes to steam.

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