Sunday, June 7, 2009

Welcoming new extended members

Welcome Chot & Chet

Sunday morning....during a visit to a friend's house, I was talking to another friend's son about rabbits....then mr abang drove to the market and we bought two rabbits! Cute.

So, today 7th June 2009, makcikkantin & mr troy16 officially adopted two male rabbits (or hare) and we named them Chot and Chet....

Chot....a white with little black patches and charcoal black eyes! Shy and stayed wherever you put him. Alif fell in love with him almost immediately, stroking & kissing this adorable darling.

and all-white fur with red eyes. This is the more active one, started to 'walk' around the living room once we put him out of the cage. Bigger, he seemed to be a bully as he kept pushing Chot away when they had their first meal together. Obviously, he's my other son Adil's choice.....

Unfortunately, I don't know how old they are or how will they behave as they're only few hours 'old' in our home. Welcome Chot & Chet.


  1. cutie our 2 new babies.. welcome chot and chet.. weird and funny names though... haha

  2. OMG!!! sangat kiut...
    sekiut namanya! *wink*

  3. MN, thx, tu kira boh nama melayu lah.....chot tu kira shortform for mansor (marah pak mansor kang!)
    and chet is manja for rashid (pronounced as 'chade'
    p/s- nama tak ada sangkut paut dgn yg hidup atau yg mati

  4. jaga elok2... takut kena dengue plak... hehehheheh