Monday, March 22, 2010

Am I the only one who.......

Dresses the rice cooker??

He he....I have few projects to do actually, but..something pop in the head....and this one was born this evening....:


0.3l rice cooker cover

Bought this rice cooker, smallest size available two weeks ago.

Seems that I labelled all my sewing projects as "Quilt/Patchwork", but looks like i have more bags than the actual quilting.
I will try to segregate them once i have more quilting project to display.

Good night.


  1. Hello Makcik Kantin, ha ha, love your creation. You sure very imaginative.
    And I have seen teapots with covers, but this my first time see a rice cooker covered, and very nice cover too.
    What's next? Your camera?

    Hey, I love your kueh bingka. Holy Smoke! I love the colours....agak2 8 pieces with iced coffee will do justice with me.
    You sure one real talented lady....

    And honestly, this is the most beautiful kueh bingka I have ever seen, nak masuk mulut pun sayang.....ha ha, but ada lagi ke?
    You stay young and have a great week, Lee.

  2. Hi uncle lee,

    If i cover my camera, that's it - no more pictures! ha ha ha, my mind is working as to what's next to do.

    Thanks for loving my bingka, will be ready when you touch down penang airport, bukan 8, 18 ketul pun boleh.

  3. MakCik!!! Missed you so much!!! harap Makcik sihat2 selalu ye... cantiknye corak kain tu.. sayang nak buat balut periuk nasi. hehehe

  4. yes ijan i'm very sihat now, alhamdulillah.

  5. Hello Makcik, Blog you no on strike? Ha ha.
    Anyway, just popped by say hello.
    You have a great week, Lee.