Monday, March 8, 2010

The very busy week

Last week was a very busy one for me with buzz of activities....
Prior to 'Majlis Kawin' (wedding ceremony) of a niece, my family played host to relatives from Singapore.

It's a two-in-one visit. We took them around and they particularly love the gurney drive hawker center and the Feringhi night market

They also went on a 'shopping spree' buying jeruk (pickled fruits) to take home.

mixed jeruk

The delayed flight home did not deter or angered them. Instead, they took that opportunity to enjoy nasi kandar as they only sampled roti canai, tosai, puri etc from the nasi kandar stall the previous night.


  1. Adoi... jeruk tu amat mengecurkan air liur!

  2. nak ke? nanti makcik poskan. fresh tau