Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tote in jeans

These simple totes were completed sometime ago.

Muhaimin's jeans converted

sweet tote

I am also contemplating 'cleaning' up my blog:- arranging in proper labels but that would mean time in front of the computer.
I will do surely but slowly.

As for sewing I have two camera bags to do, a passport holder and two long purses.
And just few days ago a friend gave a 'knock on the head' with "how's your quilt progressing??". Well, that really woke me up. I have yet to finish my long overdue quilt.


  1. Hello Makcik, Wow! You not only handy with a camera, but sewing needles too.
    You sure one imaginative, creative lady.
    I love that denim bag, real designer too.
    You should put 'MK' initial somewhere....ha ha.
    Then put on Ebay, sell for US $50?

    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  2. uncle lee,
    U sure make my day! i would love to market my products. i would still use McK.
    if i go to kitchen McK=Makcik Kantin. if i sew McK= My creative Kollection, what say you?

  3. buh la byk2 projek jaet2.....uhuk!uhuk!