Sunday, March 21, 2010

Steamed Tapioca Cake (Bingka Ubi Kukus)

.....atau nama lainnya Bengkang (bingka) Ubi Kukus.

I did this cake 'by accident' when i saw already-grated-tapioca at the market today. There's only about 200 gm left so i said 'kasi semua...'
Not knowing what to make(actually), i bought some grated coconut & also coconut milk.

Then I thought maybe i should try steaming it....

It tastes good. I don't have a proper recipe but would like to share how simple it is to make this. 

all you need is:

Grated tapioca (ubi kayu parut) - strain 
Enough sugar - I just use sugar syrup 
pinch of salt
Food colouring (if you like)
Grated coconut mix with little salt

- Mix grated tapioca, syrup & salt to your taste.
- Steam half the mixture for ~ 15 mins.
- Add red colouring to the other half  and pour on top of the 1st mixture.
- Steam for another 20-30 mins.
- Leave to cool, cut and roll it over grated coconut.  

Coincidently I have visitors at home today, so they had this


  1. salam MK..cantik warna bingka ubi kukus ni...rajin MK melapisyer..

  2. TQ. kzai saja cuba2. kzai pun rajin dgn cuppies tu

  3. Bingka ubi.... my all time favourite. Kalau makcik bagi, semua tu saya bedal tau! heheh


  4. betui ijan, in march saja dah beli 4 kali ubi kayu nih..sebab dah parut, asal nampak saja beli.

  5. if you can divide this recipe, I am very interested in the food in your article