Wednesday, September 10, 2014




  1. kalau full dengan selain dari duit pun tara guna ..

  2. Hi Makcik, your this one picture can raise an interesting conversation or debate. Or the pros and cons. And yes, an empty pocket apart from teaching how loud a tummy can growl when hungry, it also teaches survival.

    There was a Vietnamese woman who was a boat refugee and when coming to where I am, she had no money. She found a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant, later promoted to waitress. She saved her money, few years later bought that restaurant.
    She studied English at night school. She learned how to run a restaurant...and few years later bought another restaurant.

    Then few years later bought a well known hotel and made good money, later bought 3 more hotels
    And became very rich. From a nobody she became somebody, with nothing in her pockets, but she learned many things.
    You have a nice weekend, Makcik. Senang datang.

    1. Hi Lee, I sangat SALUTE sama itu woman...she is sure a very strong lady in every way.....starting from braving the storm.....

      She has no connection to your sling-bag friend? hahahaha

      Have fun Lee & thanks for dropping :)