Monday, February 23, 2009

Switzerland getaway

Greetings from Switzerland

This is my may not want to read my stories but i hope you'll enjoy the photos. I'll try to put more photos..
20th feb, Friday-Day 1
Wan & I boarded Qatar Airways from KLIA to Doha (~7hrs 50 mins). Arrived at 5.20am local time and took off to Geneva at 7.45 am. Landed in Geneva after ~7hrs flight.
The journey was smooth (being long journey first timer, I've expected otherwise), meals were good.We had window seats, hence the picture of the wing....

As always, I will look for something different, their names this time! Sweeta, Ajin, Deborah, Mamindra, Yamla, Fatima Zohra, Hyun Jin, Ekta...among those that I can remember. From their names and look, I assumed they are not Qataris: -Qatar Air with international crews I would say.

Geneva was at 3 deg when we arrived (12.30 pm)-thick clothing began.We met Dr Zairi& Adenan who arrived earlier on MH flight. From the airport, we took a 45 mins train(inter-city) to Lausanne, a place 3 cities away @CHF 25 each. The train briefly stops at Nyon and Morges. Makcik in the train messaging kids at home...

We met Xavier (Dr Zairi's friend) at the station and he helped show us to our hotel-Agora Hotel, a 10 mins walk from the train station

After checking in we took a taxi to Xavier's house where Dr Zairi & Nan will be staying. Sorry I couldn't figure where Xavier's house is
Lausanne is a quiet, hilly and beautiful city. Around the places that we passed by, most people live in apartment,I saw many cars parked by the roadside. I don't see many people, where were they?? Was it because its a weekend or because it was snowing?? i wonder.....
Pictured here with Dr Zairi.

Pictured above Wan & I at the garden, between the train station & Xavier's home.

We rested for a while and went out, walking again. We stopped by the store to purchase bread, cheese & fruits. Wan & I had dinner in the hotel room:- bread & cheese roulade (very nice), salad and strawberries. We slept very early that day, 7.30pm! (6.08pm dah masuk magrib) as it was about 2.30am in Malaysia.
Ops, forget to mention; We were given free ticket to travel within the city by bus/train when we checked into hotels in Switzerland.

21 feb, Saturday- Day 2
We had breakfast at 6.30am. Hotel breakfast was very simple; Bread, yoghurt, cereals, eggs, hot/cold drinks, unlike those back home where the buffet tables are full of varieties. Love bread so food is not a serious problem for us (at least for now). We took the metro train from Grancy (near our hotel) to Ouchy, the pier & passed places like Delice & Jardil.

Seen here at Grancy metro station

I was not prepared, it was very cold despite having so many layers of clothes under me! I was shaking ( kita kata ketaq dagu-he he he). Tu pun masih sempat control ayu, posing tepi tasik.

Brief viewing of the place, we took the same train to Lausanne, met up with Xavier, Nan & Zairi.
We proceeded on foot to the Old Town. This part of the town is only lively on weekend, saturday particularly.

They sell farmers produce (ala ala our pasar tani); fruits (fresh&dried), vege, flowers etc but no fish. We went to Manor (their supermart) to purchase some stuffs for dinner, including fish etc; Chef of the day-Dr Zairi.
We bought another piece of sweater as i tak mau mati kekerasan di situ.

Wan took photo of me with the cows as it reminds us of someone dear to us. Cheerio!

We sent the stuffs back to Xavier's home, went out again for lunch, this time joined by Xavier's pal, Adisa, a very sweet lady. We had Spanish lunch @ El Chiringuito Restaurant located at Saint-Laurent 38, 1003, Lausanne (hmm, I can put all this info as i took their tissue back with me!). A small place, there's only about 7 small tables but they have this bar-like tables where people eat, standing.

Halfway thru lunch, a group of young boys came in and started playing their music, then they pass the hat around...
We went back to Xavier's to rest. Xavier's home seems like a garden, full of fresh plants in the living room, even a banana tree as you can see in the picture.

We helped Zairi prepare stuffs for dinner.....

Xavier, Adisa, Wan & me went out to Ouchy again later in the afternoon, Xavier took us through 'jalan tikus', the shortcut so he said, but OMG it was a vey long walk! Wan had a great time with his camera,clik clacking away. We enjoyed the wonderful sunset, in full view of Lake Geneva, though all the trees were leave-less. Adisa said it will be spring in about 3 weeks time

We arrived just in time for dinner.
There were seven of us at the dinner table; Xavier invited his colleague, Natalie to sample the Malaysian food; white rice with Chili Fish, fish in dark soy sauce, buttered prawns, vege & masak lemak lala (a type of clams). Thanks Dr Zairi for the delicious dinner and thank you Xavier & Adisa, the host.

After dinner, it was dessert (?); Bread w cheese again, green tea flavoured with fresh mint and a specially home-made honey prepared by Adisa's uncle in Bosnia, it was made from nectar of flowers from Tilia tree
It was late evening before we said goodnight. Too full/too tired/too cold/too late to walk, we took a taxi back to the hotel.

22 feb, Sunday -day3
Sunday morning, we went to Ouchy again joined by Nan/Zairi after b'fast. It was raining, so there's nothing much we can do/enjoy.

We checked out of the hotel to our next destination - Geneva. It was snowing then & I had the feel of 'snowflakes' coming down.Pictured below, Lausanne central station in the background.

The sad look as I boarded the train from Lausanne to Geneva....I missed the earlier (when we arrived) nice countryside view that was covered in snow now.....till then.


  1. thanks for posting the card from lovely Switzerland, and for sharing your travel experience in your excellent blog.

    best warm wishes from arju and family.

  2. thank you sharing is nothing more for me next time..bila dah tua, bolehlah TERingat balik apa2 yg dah lupa....

  3. cheee makcik and pakcik romantic.. ada photo yang 2org tu.. fuuuhhhh...