Thursday, February 26, 2009

Geneva still...

25 feb, wednesday-day5
Another windy,cold day eventhough the temperature was 6 deg.
Walked to Old Town, across the lake.

The water fountain-geneva landmark is situated at this side of the town (visible from the other side anyway). The fountain shoots water 140m high up.

Late evening, Wan & Nan went to the lake-photography!
Dinner- Spaghetti, prawn salad, fruits....seemed that we enjoyed 'homecooked' food so much

26 feb, thursday -day6
The three of us (xclude dr zairi) were supposed to travel Bern...but Nan had stomach problem, so we cannot go very far....
Jardil Botanique (Botanical Garden) is about 10 minutes ride by bus#1 from the central station-Cornavin Gare. 

The garden was supposed to be more beautiful with blooms, but it was (end of) winter. All we saw was many leave-less trees and landscapes with the names and origins of flowers. At some areas, there were small flowers popping out of the ground

Workers were busy with their tools/wheelbarrows tending to the area, preparing for spring.Barren but it didn't bother Wan/Nan as they're busy shooting.

We shop stuffs for dinner @ Manor..I always mentioned Manor(supermart & near to hotel), I only have photo of the shopping bag (we have to purchase).

Lunch was cold spaghetti leftovers and sardine sandwiches. Drinks/fruits were kept cold outside the window!

Evening by the lake....picture speaks itself...

The words above (a signboard), simply means 'The beach is not under  surveillance, you bathe under your own responsibility' => no life guard, swim at your own risk

Dinner was again our staple food- picture speaks a thousand words!

It was also over this dinner that we decided on our saturday sightseeing...Montreux.

27 feb, friday - day7
After breakfast, we went to the station to check for saturday travel tickets.
The central station (bus/train/tram) is just across the road from our hotel-very convenient)

We took a 20 minutes bus ride to Ferney, a France border town with Switz. Passed by places:-
cornavin(the central station), Valias, Varembe, Nation, Appia, BIT, Vy des Champ, Crets Morillion, Le Pommier, Susette, p+p f47 (hmm strange name). After this we passed the tunnel and we're in France.
Names of the town again;- Gd-Sarconex-dne, Ch de Colovrex, Brunette, Jargilieres, Avenue du Jura & Ferney-Marie

The notice board with the time table and in-between stops (Ferney - Gare Cornavin).
Town looked isolated (it was friday, most were closed), we went to the information office to check.
We walked along the stretch to Rue de Gex and we could see large plains with the Alps on the background

The only supermarket (Champion) that seemed to be opened on friday @ Ferney....

Back to Switzerland...  the Swiss knife...

.......................The Flower Clock....

.........................The night.....

28 feb, saturday day8
Our supposed trip to Montreux had to be called off-Zairi fell ill, another around town tour.....
Took the bus to Old Town, stop @ Plainpalais where they had a flea-market/street market/saturday market-whatever they called it. There were many traders selling stuffs from beads to sofasets and the stretch covered no less than 2 km. It was a sunny day - 12 deg, still cold anyway.

After brief lunch, we walked the other direction- to University of Geneva. We walked the campus grounds. It was very clean. This toddler caught my sight! He was wondering around the place alone; the father was under a huge tree some 50 meters away, romancing the sun!

The other side was an open space with chessboards 'on the ground'. There were many people, old and young playing chess standing up!

Another walk along the stretch out of the campus brought us to the town area, you won't miss this building.

After 7 hours walk we decided to go back. Bought kebab for late lunch, wan & i still have our shared leftovers for dinner....

We have to pack for tomorrow....

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