Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keluh Kesah seorang anak.

My second (youngest) son, who is now working part time at an outlet is already grumbling.....
The outlet he's working for is cutting cost, thus yang kena tempias are those part-time workers, him included. For the past month, he worked 12 hours, tired he said but $$$ punya pasal, penat pun okay.
However with the cut, he may have to work only 3 hrs/day.
He started looking for other job. Ha ha ha we laughed because he looked so stressed up.
Relax la Adil, bukan ada anak bini nak bagi makan, no bils to pay either .
We told him this is just a tiny form of rejection...a small part of life, many more to come. He has to learn to be tough to take up challenges.

Gambar bawah ni menunjukkan Adil.....hai terbakaq ataih bawah....he he relax lah bro

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