Tuesday, February 24, 2009


22feb, sunday- day3
Checked into International &Terminus Hotel @ Rue de Alpes, after about 40 minutes Inter Region train ride. Snow falling, heavier than before. This hotel is more expensive than the one in Lausanne but with less facilities. After settling down, Wan & I went out for a walk around town. All shops were closed, even the supermarket, Manor. We stopped for snacks at roadside kiosk; cup of coffee + doughnut @ chf6/

We bought McD fish fillet for dinner, then zzzzzzz, it was cold.

23feb, monday-day4

Wan & Dr Zairi attended WHO meeting after breakfast. And me? Thanks, Dr Zairi lent me his computer, otherwise.......

Spent the whole morning surfing the net, drafting my blog, so i don't miss out the moments until Nan knocked on my door......it's time to go shop for lunch. He he, when Wan & Zairi came back, the 4 of us had sardine sandwich, salad & fruits. Hmmmm not bad. They went for the afternoon meeting and I again worked on the computer. Managed to chat with my youngest son. Miss you both Alif & Adil

Dinner was the left-overs from lunch with addition of serunding & tea/coffee. That was better than having to find food in the cold!

24 feb, Tuesday- day5

As usual, wan went off to meeting after breakfast & i, in the room with the computer...ohhh again Dr Zairi thank you very much (merci buku kata orang france). Lunch was Manor's salmon pizza & fruits....we saved our stomach for dinner...jeng jeng jeng..

Wan came back late afternoon & took me to a place called Nation. This is the headoffice of the World Health Organization (WHO); where his meetings took place,

This is also where the International Organization for Migration (IOM), The United Nations (UN);among others are located. Sunny but windy and the cold is setting inside me!

The Broken Chair, Nations, Geneva, Switzerland-a symbolic structure to ban land mines

We went back to the hotel & together with Nan proceeded to the Lake (Lac Leman) on foot. Wan took several shots but the cold wind was really bad, we went back to the hotel.....

The over head lines above are the electrical cable that connects to the train/bus.

The excitment began...we want to have rice for dinner. Cooked rice (2x!) in Dr Zairi's small rice cooker. Dishes were canned yeo's chicken curry, cili padi/onions with lemon juice & dr zairi bought beef artichoke, libian fish, currypuffs, samosas etc...ohhhh what a delicious dinner, away from the cold-in the comfort of our room! Plates? We use whatever we have;-that's what you called survival!

We continued our feast with barguette/boursin cheese/creme brulee chocolate/hot jasmine tea/strawberry......everybody went to bed smilling! Too hungry to take snapshot of the food.

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