Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Braised Lamb

Made this quick dish, sons favourite so they ate without complaining. I say simple as I've had the lamb marinated earlier & freeze them.

Braised Lamb with Mango Salsa

6 pcs lamb shoulder (the size of your palm)

The marinade;
BBQ sauce (i use heinz)
1 Tbsp Cili powder
Dash of pepper
Garlic -crush/pound
Black soy sauce
Mint (fresh or bottled ones,available in supermarket)

Salsa: Mix together to your taste.
1 ripe mango-cubed
1 onion - sliced
Red/green cili (capsicum) - sliced
Lime/Lemon juice

To cook; Heat oil and pan-fry lamb for about 3 minutes each side. This is just to get the meat a little 'charred'. Place meat in baking dish, cover, add the balance of the marinade and braised for about 30 minutes or until cook. 
Serve with salsa or any other stuffs (potato, coleslaw, vege etc) that you have-no fuss. 
Bottom line, don't get stressed up & enjoy your food.


  1. UUUU the lamb looks nice but sadly i don't eat lamb..
    btw mak ur 'salsa' tasted like kerabu timun. i think u should try my recipe for salsa..

    YEAY anak dgn mak suka masak

    mak masuk kitchen selalu,anak not so much!!


  2. yalah, salsa kena ada rasa masam, masin, pedas & masin, just like kerabu. kerabu orang melayu, salsa omputih punya. dip depa pun ala ala garam belacan kite je....he he