Friday, May 15, 2009

Gym anyone?

In line with the "Malaysia Boleh" spirit, I registered  into a fitness centre last week, together with two other friends. 
Why I say Malaysia Boleh? Well....seems that there's soooooo many things that i want to do; sewing, crafting, baking, exercising, beautifying, blogging, mengaji'ing', pusing-pusing etc, etc....baju mau cuci, rumah mau sapu, nasi mau masak, family mau jaga..(nasib baik tak payah hantar/ambil anak dah)...time time time...
Women in the same  category will understand what I mean, surely they too would want to do all of the above. While the men of the house busy working, ladies of the homes are also busy....with the abovelah.
Let me story....
On our first day, the instructor guided us on the machines. We were there almost every morning (sounds familiar for newbies??), we don't overdo but we do feel good.
Yesterday evening, after one hour's workout, we saw some ladies entering a room; yoga, so we pun masuk....took the mat & ikutlah orang depan tu, lipat pi lipat mai. Then ada satu position tu you have to put your face (one side of pipi) and a knee on the floor and  stretch an arm sideways. One leg stretch out, while also stretching the arm of the same side as the leg, kira balancing actlah tu. Chehhh, ingat senang lah, first time was ok, 2nd,3rd,4th time......elok je terguling kat lantai.
Tengok sebelah, kawan makcik pun terguling gak, haaa tak pa ada gang! (macam beruang kutub pun ada..)
At the end of the session, one of the ladies approached and said,"..never mind first time, I've done this for few years..". There goes, message here: keep yourself occupied, keep fit and be happy with what you do.
Dok mengharap pinggang boleh jadi cam member kat dalam gambar ni le


  1. hahaha anty noraini memang beruang kutub. putih pun dah besaq pun dah.. hahaha.. nw nak jadi hamster kutub plak kot pi gym nak pekecik size... hahhaa

  2. wajah akak ni familiar lah.. selalu kuar tv ke?maafla.. kalau tak betul.salam perkenalan!

  3. adil,

    yes, jangan jeles kalu kami jadi hemster kutub nanti, kecik, gebu & semestinya lawa.

    ummu, akak tak pernah kuar dlm tv...dok tengok tv dari luar je...he he salam kenal & thanks for dropping by