Friday, May 15, 2009

more cuppies

A friend requested to show her how to make cupcakes. With my limited talent, we did at her house this morning, and had everyone including her three teenage girls to ice the cuppies. Meriah!

I used orange cupcake recipe from kak liza (, with little alteration, thanks kak

Orange Cupcakes (source: hanieliza@fotopages)


300 gm butter
270 gm castor sugar
5 eggs (5 yolk, 4 whites)
320 gm self raising flour
2 Tbsp orange juice (from 1/2 orange)
2 Tbsp sunquick
orange rind from 1 orange.


- Beat butter and sugar till light/white.
- Add in egg, one at a time, make sure it mixes well before adding another one
- Fold in flour 
- Finally, mixed in the juice/rind.
- Spoon into cupcake mold, bake @ 180 deg C for ~ 20 mins (varies with oven)
- Cool on wire rack

Butter icing: (source: cari forum; food & recipe)

500 gm butter
500 gm krimwell
250 sifted icing sugar

- cream butter & krimwell until creamy.
- Add icing sugar gradually.
- Continue to beat until smooth.
- Put colour of your choice and start icing.



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