Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Free advert

hari ni tak boleh cakap kan? shhhhhh


I wanna be low-fat creamy cream

Come here lah



  1. haritu makcik took cappuccino, and pakcik took brewed coffee both sedap. cafe ni kira macam 'an all day breakfast cafe', ambiance santai

  2. Hello Makcik, this looks a great place to have coffee. I like their slogan, 'keeps you awake at night'.
    Good place to bring a date after dinner, ha ha. Buka cherita malam.
    Believe it or not, I have never gone for designer coffee. Never stepped into Starbucks or whatever.....
    But I do miss having coffee at a local Malaysian 'kedai kopi'.

    Old days when travelling on business I would stop at very small towns like Lenggong or Grik or Gua Musang, Marang and have coffee. And sometimes have a chat with the kampong pakciks while having couple of hard boil eggs and nasi lemak. I enjoyed that very much, chatting with kampong folks. Something I miss today.

    You have a nice weekend, Makcik, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.
    Saya bachelor dua minngu....ha ha.

  3. Hi Uncle, now very seldom jumpa kedai kopi pakcik, or ah kow in the streets, even if they have, there are all kinds of names that you nak order pun tak tau. & harga also follow 'the trend'.

    have a nice weekend